TTC after miscarraige

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Mope And Move On's official. There will be no August baby for us. These last two weeks have been hell for me, and it's funny that even though AF has arrived and I'm super sad...I actually FEEL better than I have for the last 2 weeks. Why? Well I was CONVINCED that this month was it for us. [...]

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Our First Appointment

This post was written on Monday, April 26th after our first appointment with the OB. Ahhh the day has finally arrived, the day that we've been waiting for for weeks. It was a long time coming, with a couple of appointment changes along the way but we made it. I didn't sleep well last night (obviously) [...]

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Remembering To Live

Captain Awesome and I decided a little less than a year ago that we wanted to start a family. With just that one little statement so many other things got set into motion. We had plans. But now, looking back, the words of my doctor now come back to haunt me "when people plan God laughs". [...]

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