Beach Livin

  I have always loved the ocean. I grew up taking family vacations at the beach, and to this day my family spends a week at the beach each year. I have to say I love almost everything about my beach vacations, and this year it’s gotten even better. This year I get to share [...]

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On The Road Again

Easter is upon us, and for those of us with out of town family, it's time to hit the road and travel to the family homestead! Pennsylvania here we come! I am actually pretty lucky. My husband and I celebrate Easter on different days. That is, we do most years. (It falls on the same [...]

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Love/Hate Relationship with Travel Agents

Just like everybody of my generation I love the Internet. It is extremely helpful in so many ways. There is a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips (except for mine since I am the worst Googler ever!), and it serves us instant gratification. What shouldn't the Internet be used for? Travel arrangements*! There may be [...]

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