My Guide To Sesame Place

I am by no means an expert after visiting Sesame Place for the first time, but like everything else I do I have a TON of opinions on my experience! What’s new right? I grew up in PA and amazingly never have visited the park, (I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty upset about this) [...]

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Flying With A Baby

PS.. I know this pic looks a little funny...but doesn't he look so proud!? When we decided to take our trip to Atlanta I was excited. That is until I remembered that I would be flying with my 10 month old son. A  son who doesn’t sit still for long. I was nervous…how would I [...]

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We Flew, We Saw, We Conquered Atlanta

Ok, so the title was a bit dramatic, and maybe we didn’t conquer much, but we did fly to Atlanta, and we did see a whole bunch in Atlanta. Captain Awesome is a HUGE Atlanta Falcons fan, and has always talked about going to a game. So, even before our little cherub was born, we [...]

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Traveling With A Baby

It’s not a new revelation that traveling with a baby is tough, but being that this is my first vacation with my son, I am quickly learning how hard it really is. I have visited my parents, but my mom has pretty much stocked their house with anything he could need. What I find the [...]

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