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The Mommy Diaries: Learning To Shop With A Toddler

I am extremely frustrated with the fact that my days of leisurely shopping trips with my son are over. Forget the fun shopping, I’m even talking about the random errands that need to be done through out the week. At this point it’s been almost impossible to get things done with out some sort of [...]

By | November 27th, 2012|The Mommy Diaries|6 Comments

The Mommy Diaries: Don’t Look Back

I decided to start a series of posts chronicling some funny, embarrassing mishaps that happen to me. We all know that motherhood can be a huge adventure, so I hope by reading these embarrassing moments in my life, you can feel better about yours! Let’s set the scene….You are at a store and you hear [...]

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It Would Be Easier To Let Him Run Amuck!

My son has always tested boundaries, and has always tried to be the boss, but at 20 months this is no longer cute or appropriate (it never was…but I kind of allowed it). Now, his “freshness” is becoming tiresome, and it’s time to show him that I am the boss. But every time I get [...]

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