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Our 3D Sonogram of Our Little Girl: Impact Medical Technologies

One of the best parts of being pregnant is getting to see the little miracle in your belly growing from a tiny little bean to an actual person. It truly is a miracle! I never can really wrap my head around it so I don't really try. After our 20 week sonogram I have been [...]

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Ridiculous Cravings…

When seeing pregnant women on TV, you see women wanting pickles and peanut butter, and making other ridiculous concoctions due to pregnancy cravings. Pregnancy really is the only time that you are allowed to ask your husband to leave the house in the cold at 11:00 at night to get you what you just HAVE [...]

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My Motherhood Fears

I find it amazing how many emotions I am capable of feeling at one time. Although I am sure it's all part of the pregnancy process, I sometimes find it all overwhelming. At the same time I am feeling excitement, joy and wonderment...I am also feeling disbelief and fear. What did I expect? The Captain [...]

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