Works For Me Wednesday: Seasonal Bins

Growing up my house always had decorations up for the seasons. My mom always made a point of it. She has wreaths and flower arrangements and all sorts of decorations for each holiday/season. My favorite season of course is Christmas. Growing up we had bins and bins of holiday decorations. Each year the family would [...]

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July Already??

I sometimes wonder where time goes. I can not believe that we just celebrated the July 4th weekend! I have a sinking feeling that this summer is going to fly by, and I am pretty sad about that. Summer brings out all of my favorite things and as sad as it is, once we hit [...]

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There is No Such Thing as Global Warming

I know that I will get some environmentalist upset by this title, so I will apologize in advance. I think I am just very angry by the fact that it's April 21st, and it's COLD! I mean, it's almost winter weather cold. I find this to be pretty unacceptable. North Eastern Weather Living in the [...]

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