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I live in an area where I believe a lot of people think they are better than everyone else. It drives me crazy regularly, but there is one thing some people do that really makes me frustrated. It’s not a huge thing by any means, but it drives me nuts and I just have to [...]

By | December 17th, 2012|random thoughts|2 Comments

Random Thoughts: Let’s Bring Back The Fanny Pack

This post was inspired by a stream of messages that came across my personal facebook page. Basically it was a lot of people mocking me for my use of the word “fanny pack” while describing a Gucci inspired bag that I wore around my waist while at the Bronx Zoo. It may not be the [...]

By | September 4th, 2012|random thoughts|2 Comments

Random Thoughts: I Guess All Men Are The Same

Well ladies it's official. No matter how "royal" someone is....all men are the SAME!!! Check out this video of the President of Finland's husband checking out his wife's boobs! He gives them a good stare, and then when she turns around.....He looks up like "la di da...look at that light!" hahahaha LOVE it! OK  just [...]

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