Great Neighbors Help To Make A Happy Home

Growing up I lived in the most wonderful neighborhood. There were kids to play with in all age ranges, and the adults all seemed to be friends. When the weather was good my family would go outside and gather on our driveway. Within a short period of time a bunch of our neighbors would come and [...]

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Wine Club: Volume II

Our second stab at our girls "wine club*" was a success. Eight women came over to my house (perfect number), and we celebrated Cinco de Mayo by indulging in wines from Chile. When I say indulge I mean drank too much wine, in a short period of time, but had a complete blast! Wine Club [...]

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It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere!

All through college, my favorite time of the week was at 4 o'clock on Friday...the start of Happy Hour! It was wonderful - great friends, great music, and great beer. My love for happy hour continued post-college, but it seemed that my friends didn't love it as much as I did, and over time I didn't [...]

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Snow Day Townhouse Style!

Our house! Living in a townhouse community has its ups and its downs, but one of the major perks is knowing that when it snows someone else is in charge of plowing and shoveling us out! Snow Day Here is our house! March certainly came in like a lion this year and dumped about 8-12" [...]

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