Mother’s Day Without Mom…

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms and Moms to be! How exciting to have a day all to yourself where your children (and hopefully husband) show their appreciation for all the work you do and the love you give them. This Mother's Day I am feeling a bit sad and guilty that I am not [...]

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The Sergeant Comes For A Visit

I love my mom. She has so many roles in my life. Mom, Friend, Cheerleader, Co Worker and sometimes MAID! My mom came into town to visit for a few days. With our very busy schedules it's been hard to set a time for her to visit me at my house. (I get to PA [...]

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Grown Up Things

Even though I am 28 (almost 29) and pretty much an adult, I certainly don't always feel like one. The lifestyle my husband and I lead is pretty carefree and we like that. I know full well that soon, we will take on the role of parents and will forever have to take care of [...]

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What Would You Choose??

Ok, I think we need to get a little dialogue going on this blog and I think this is just the post to do it. As wives and as women we wear many hats. Each of us goes about doing things different ways, and probably some do more than others, but no matter what we [...]

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