Random Thoughts: I Guess All Men Are The Same

Well ladies it's official. No matter how "royal" someone is....all men are the SAME!!! Check out this video of the President of Finland's husband checking out his wife's boobs! He gives them a good stare, and then when she turns around.....He looks up like "la di da...look at that light!" hahahaha LOVE it! OKĀ  just [...]

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What You See Is What You Get..

Today I was inspired by a post from To Love Honor and Vacuum. Every Wednesday is wifey Wednesday (yes I know it's Friday) but this week the question was brought up "what I wish I had known before I was married". This got me here is something that I was happy I knew before [...]

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Man Jobs

Now I know that this is the year 2009 and women have worked hard to get equality, but I don't care what anyone says. There are just some household jobs out there that should be left up to the man! The Perfect Man I believe this picture says it all. I am not sure men [...]

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