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Fierce Mamas!

  In the past I have written about my unhappiness with the maternity clothes selection out there. Mostly, those feelings still exist and I honestly believe that it is a truly missed market. I mean come on! Pregnant women have no choice but to buy maternity clothes because we don't fit into regular why not [...]

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My Maternity Store Experience

Last week I posted that I felt stuck in a weird In Between Stage of my pregnancy in terms of my body. Thank you to everyone who commented. It seems we have people who didn't buy any maternity clothes until very late in the their pregnancy, and we have some that wore them as early as [...]

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The In Between Stage

As you know I am currently just over 10 weeks pregnant (10 weeks 3days to be exact), and that means my body is constantly changing. It's odd because little Pooh Bear is so minuscule inside my belly, but the mid section is certainly making some changes. My tummy has always been my problem area. I would [...]

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