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Random Thoughts: Bag Your Own Groceries!

GRRRRRR! So I'm at the grocery store, and not just any grocery's the arch nemesis one that is way to crowded. (aka Shop rite, but you can read more about my hatred for grocery stores here) Anyway, I suck it up and run into the store, because I only need a couple of things..mainly bread. [...]

By | March 15th, 2010|random thoughts|42 Comments

Grocery Store Confessions…

Ok..I have a confession to make. I think it's important to be open and honest about your shortcomings, and I am ready to share with you one of mine. It's not something I am proud of, but honestly, at this point I don't think I will change any time in the near future. So hear goes....I [...]

By | January 25th, 2010|About me|27 Comments