Local Long Island: Hanna Andersson Opens At The Walt Whitman Mall!

I do my best to stay away from shopping temptation, but when I found out about the pre opening party for the Hanna Andersson store opening up at the Walt Whitman mall I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shop.  This is the 2nd Hanna Andersson store opening in the last year (the other being [...]

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Random Thoughts: Let’s Bring Back The Fanny Pack

This post was inspired by a stream of messages that came across my personal facebook page. Basically it was a lot of people mocking me for my use of the word “fanny pack” while describing a Gucci inspired bag that I wore around my waist while at the Bronx Zoo. It may not be the [...]

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The Giving Keys: A Review

I love jewelry and although most of the time I wear classic pieces, I also enjoy fun interesting ones that make a statement. If it has a story behind it I say EVEN BETTER! When I saw The Giving Keys ($35) I knew I wanted to give one a try. Fashion with a message and [...]

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Going Formal

I have always loved getting dressed up. Whether it was playing pretend as a little girl, going to the prom, or even something as simple as going to a wedding, I have always enjoyed everything that goes into the dress up process. I have to admit it is a little harder to get myself all [...]

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Fresh Produce Clothing: Perfect For Summer

When I think of summer clothes I think of anything that's flowy, light and comfortable. I always think I look best in the summer because I find it easy to just throw on a long maxi dress and be on my way. In the winter my go to is always sweat pants. That is why [...]

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