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Eden Fantasys Gift Card Winner!

Thank you everyone who entered to win the Eden Fantasy Giveaway. The lucky winner is getting $25 to buy whatever they'd like on www.edenfantasy.com . I picked the winner using www.random.org. Drum roll please????? (do you feel the suspense?) Comment #37!! The winner is being contacted! I hope you pick something fun!  Again thank you [...]

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Eden Fantasys: Valentine’s Giveaway!

  Valentine's Day is near, and therefore it's time to start thinking about what to get your loved one. You could go for the tried and true jewelry or candies, but this year, why not go for something a little sexy to add some spice. I have done a review of Eden Fantasys in the [...]

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We Have A Winner! Eden Fantasys Giveaway!

That's right folks we have a winner! Not that it was much of a contest.  I am actually very disappointed with the turn out in entries. I found that a ton more people viewed the page than actually entered. That's right, I can see how many people view my site! What's that about? Who wouldn't want [...]

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