Christos Aneste! Christ is risen! Also meaning…Happy Easter! That is if you follow a different calendar than much of the Christian world like the Greeks! Many you have already celebrated Easter, and we did too. We did the Easter bunny thing, but last Sunday we celebrated again. My son will get TWO Easter’s from now on. Kind [...]

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I must start off this post by saying that I have to give credit to some friends who told me about this perfect name for Greek Easter. I'm sure they aren't the first people to come up with the name but I liked it! Thanks! My Easter I grew up in a Catholic household. My [...]

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On The Road Again

Easter is upon us, and for those of us with out of town family, it's time to hit the road and travel to the family homestead! Pennsylvania here we come! I am actually pretty lucky. My husband and I celebrate Easter on different days. That is, we do most years. (It falls on the same [...]

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