Wifey 101: No Secrets For Santa

Ok ladies, let's be honest. We all get excited at the idea of presents from our men around Christmas time. I don't know about you, but Captain Awesome pretty much sticks to the regular gift giving holidays to give a present, rather than giving random gifts through out the year, and therefore when the holidays come [...]

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Twas The Month Before Christmas…

 I just received this little poem in a forward from my mom, and I wanted to share.(I'd love to credit someone for writing it but there was no name!) When I was growing up I must admit that I lived in a sheltered area.  Everyone seemed to be Christian, I had no idea what ethnic background my friends [...]

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Works for Me Wednesday: Christmas Shopping BEFORE Thanksgiving

I know that it's hard, when it's not even Halloween, to think about the upcoming holiday season. And you are probably thinking, what is this girl talking about? I just finished picking pumpkins and the leaves are still on the trees...why would I start planning for the holidays? Well I'll tell you why....I'll start by bringing back [...]

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