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My Guide To Sesame Place

I am by no means an expert after visiting Sesame Place for the first time, but like everything else I do I have a TON of opinions on my experience! What’s new right? I grew up in PA and amazingly never have visited the park, (I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty upset about this) [...]

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The Bronx Zoo Animal Tales Extravaganza:“Marvel’s Avengers: Super Heroes Saving the Earth” event!

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Why not go to The Bronx Zoo for their Animal Tales Extravaganza!? This weekend at the Bronx Zoo The Bronx Zoo will be the only place in the US that will have the 4 costumed characters appearing from the new film Avengers Assemble prior to the film [...]

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Bronx Zoo..Animal Tales Extravaganza

With the warm weather upon us it’s time to start finding activities to do outside. I am always looking for activities that my little guy will love, and be somewhat engaging and educational.The Bronx Zoo is a great go to when you are looking for something fun, and this coming weekend starts The Bronx Zoo’s [...]

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