Shades Of Gray

The other day I looking in my bathroom mirror and I saw a very scary site. Maybe it was so scary because I truly didn't expect to see it...but needless to say I was shocked. Yes dear readers I have a confession...this girl's hair is beginning to turn gray! That's right! Right there in the [...]

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Why Do Women Feel Fat and Men Feel Sexy?

I was watching the biggest loser, and during the show one contestant was crying in her audition tape about feeling fat, and not sexy for her then zoomed in on her husband who was in no way thin and balding. Why isn't he crying about not feeling sexy for his wife?? Why is it that [...]

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Pale Faced Monster

Me..with no make up (and holding my friends adorable baby) I came to a really rough realization today....ladies you may relate, and men you just don't have to (whether that is fair or not is another story). After looking at a bunch of recent pictures of myself I have come to find that [...]

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Things I Love Thursday: Sephora

When I was thinking about what to write for this weeks Things I Love Thursday Post, I kept thinking about this wonderful eye shadow set that I got for Christmas. The bummer is that it was a special "Christmas Time" product and therefore doesn't exist anymore. But after looking into it I found something similar [...]

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