My Sick Baby

The other week my son had his first stomach bug, and this week brought us our first real fever. Although people keep reminding me that we will experience both of these illnesses many times over in the years to come, I just hope that it doesn’t happen again in the near future because I am [...]

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Dr. Sears’ Take On Colic

When it comes to Pediatrics the “Sears” name holds a lot of water. So when I was given the opportunity to ask Dr. Robert Sears a few questions I jumped at the chance. Then I was told that the topics to be covered were about colic and I paused. My son is 14 months…I don’t [...]

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Baby’s First Haircut

  My little fuzz head is a fuzz head no more! Captain Awesome and I finally took the leap and took our little man for his first hair cut. Ok, if I am being honest it was me that was holding us back. I just didn’t feel like he I was ready. But after many [...]

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