My Choice: A D&C VS. A Medicated Miscarriage

I just wanted to be clear that I know everyone's situation is different, and people have different experiences. I am just sharing my choices and my experience.  The moment I found out our child no longer had a heartbeat in my belly, so many thoughts instantly spiraled through my head. The first was total and [...]

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Moving With a Child

Moving isn’t easy. It is hard and it sucks. Big time! Then tack on having a kid and it just get’s ten times harder. People that do it with multiple young children?? God bless you! There is so much involved in coordination and planning makes it difficult to keep your kid on a schedule that [...]

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Sig Shots: Fantastic Portrait Photographer

As I walk around my house I take so much pleasure at all the wonderful photographs of my son during his first year. They make me smile, and there is something to be said about having a professional photographer take your family pictures, because let’s face it….they are just better then the ones you take [...]

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