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The Nap Slave

I always believed that I could control my child’s sleeping habits. I’m the mom and I’m in charge right? Ya RIGHT is more like it! I learned quickly about the witching hour , and how I really didn’t have much of a say in my son’s bedtime. Then finally he started to take regular naps [...]

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Food Glorious Food!

The time has come for my little man to start eating more than breast milk. Can you believe it?? I can't believe that I have started to feed him real food! Ok, well not real food, but cereal for now. I even tried it and it really isn't that bad! was somewhat of a [...]

By | May 1st, 2011|baby, baby milestones|1 Comment

Into The Crib He Goes

When a baby is born you realize that there are so many milestones that he/she will reach. It's amazing how many of those milestones are reached during the first year alone. You get excited when they happen, but once they do you realize how quickly time is going. I can't believe how many firsts have [...]

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