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Having the Talk: Long-Term Care

Guest Post by Sasha I remember the first time I told my parents that I’d been asked out on a date. I remember them looking at each other, clearing their throats and sitting me down for “the talk.” Funnily enough, I remember less about the actual conversation than I do their obvious discomfort. (Well to [...]

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When The Circle of Care is Reversed

Guest Post by Sasha I can safely say that I’ve been living life as a responsible adult for more than a decade, with all the ups and downs and missteps that entails. But as I get older, the obvious is lurking in the background, reminding me that my parents are getting older as well. I [...]

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Don’t Ever Get Old…

  My Grandma is a wonderful woman. She has always been a HUGE part of my life, and has always given me nothing but love. She would do anything for me, and now that she is older, and needs more help I want to return the favor. See, my Grandma is 88 years old and [...]

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