Tis the season for holiday-themed marketing to eclipse all other forms. Social media advertising has become a huge component of this in the past few years. Banners, sidebars, and shared content are being utilized to reach all demographics and all areas of marketing coverage. Below is a deeper look as to the product types that are marketed heavily during this season and where these advertisements are located.

Promotion Through Social Media

Many of the major social media outlets become heavy targets for marketing during this time of the year. Product promotion on Facebook has already taken off. When users open their social media application, the time between application starting and application running can be used to market goods. Considering how many people are also holiday shopping on their phone, this implementation is especially important for reaching mobile users.

Advertisers are taking out the equivalent of full pages on social media to highlight their deals prior to the user accessing their social media feed. For instance, Twitter places ads carefully between posts. Users will notice their feeds featuring tweets from people and sources they have favorited with an ad appearing about once every 10 posts. The idea behind these campaigns is to stay relevant within the mind of the user on a consistent basis. Whether the user clicks on them or not, they are still appearing in high volume, which gets the user thinking about the season. This is how social media is winning the marketing campaign during the holiday season.

What to Market?

During the holiday period, retailers will increase their inventory and start to list products that are only carried end-of-year. This often includes major home appliances. Stores and online sellers want to make sure they have enough premier french door refrigerator models and similar high-end appliances to meet the elevated demand. Customers find all ways to snag the latest products whether it is with credit, savings, or even a quick installment loan.

Holiday marketing home appliances through social media is a relatively cost-effective way to reach out to consumers. Videos of washers and other machines in action are featured on newsfeeds and will play automatically when users scroll past. This coupled with other ways to promote products via social media are important means of grabbing consumer attention during the highly competitive end-of-year sales season.

Toys are the second item that often features heavy attention around the holidays. Product placement within stores is what keeps this item a hot seller during the holiday season, but a growing place where toy makers are finding room to reach their market is through social media. Kids will invariably watch videos and promotional posts regarding various toys and gadgets, and no doubt start telling their parents to add to the list of desired gifts.

The last bit of competition we find steady during the holiday season is the marketing of phone plans and phones. Consumer cellular companies compete to provide their service to a wider range of individuals, which calls for an uptick in 2-for-1 sales. Gaining two individuals to sign-up for plans allows these companies to market their phones for dirt cheap prices. They gain their capital through the contracts that are carried with these low-priced phones.

When it comes to adhering to areas to where you’ll find your advertisements this year, keep your options open. These advertisements will pop-up anytime you access the internet as these companies have a stronghold over the digital realm.