What Happened to the Christmas Magic??

I am a person that has a horrible time with change. In my world change is bad...bottom line. I get that change is a part of life, but it's definitely a part that truly scares me. One big area where I find change to be bad is during the holidays. Growing up, Christmas was such [...]

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Last Minute Hostess

My husband has 2 work Christmas parties every year. One is the management party in which I am invited to, and the second is for the entire office which I am not invited to. Last year the party occurred on a very snowy December day. My husband called me to tell me that people cancelled [...]

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Christmas Traditions

I am sure all of you are pretty tired at this point of me telling you how much I love Christmas time, but guess what? You are going to have to hear about it again. Christmas is a holiday that is full of traditions in my house. Some may say that I am stuck in [...]

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Yes, Virginia and Macy’s First National BELIEVE DAY!

  When I was a little girl I truly believed in Christmas and all the magic that surrounded it. Santa brought the Christmas presents, Reindeer flew, and my Christmas letter flew up the chimney each year for Santa to read. The Captain picks on me to this day for believing in Santa past the third [...]

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Stuffed and Satisfied!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I know I certainly did! This past weekend was the 4th weekend in a row that I found myself traveling, but it was totally worth it! I enjoyed great food, and great family time.  I am certainly stuffed and satisfied! Thanksgiving is one holiday that both me [...]

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