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Rock A Bye Baby

We all know my son is a busy little boy. Most of the time he won’t sit still and will play as long as you will let  him. But every day before naps and during feedings I get to sit in my glider and just hold him. He lays very still and just gazes up [...]

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Ode To Coffee

For most of my life I just couldn’t understand peoples love of coffee. The taste disgusted me, and I just had no use for it. That is until about 4 years ago when I started drinking it for my wedding diet. It started by forcing myself to drink it in the morning. What started as [...]

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Bye Bye Summer…

I dreamt of summer since the last time it was over, and now that fall has officially started I am forced to start dreaming about summer all over again. Don’t get me wrong, I still like fall, but fall leads quickly into winter and that my dear readers I am already starting to dread. I [...]

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Top Mommy Blogs

  Over time I have taken After The Alter from a marriage blog, to a TTC blog, to a pregnancy blog and now to a mommy blog. That's right dear readers....I am officially a Mommy Blog! I know, I know, that's not anything new. You all have known this for some time now, but now [...]

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Feeling Like A Person

When you have a baby it’s amazing how long it takes to get back to feeling like a normal person again. Each baby step towards that goal feels like a HUGE accomplishment. Now that I am entering the home stretch of the first year of motherhood I look back and in awe at how far [...]

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