As a mom, it is easy to become busy and in return let your household become unorganized. You can become unorganized with many aspects of your life such as finances, house, and calendar. This is exactly what has happened to me so I made a New Years resolution that the year 2018 is going to be my year to organize my life! I am tech savvy so I wanted to start by trying to find the best technology to help me fulfill my resolution. When I came across the app Setapp I knew that I found what I was looking for. Setapp allows Mac users to have access to dozens of the best app in one spot for a minimal monthly fee. Below are a few examples of apps that have helped my along the way in reaching my ever so ongoing new years resolution.

Be Focused

Most moms like myself suffer from loss of attention and focus which is part of the reason why they become so unorganized. Things just snowball into one big hot mess. Well, with the Be Focused app available on Setapp you are able to have access to many functions that can help the mess. You literally make a list of goals and then set the timer to make sure you focus on getting those things done during that time. Genius!


I don’t know about you but one of my pet peeves is that I am always forgetting my usernames and passwords for different sites. With the help of Secrets you can save all of this information in one place, and most importantly securely. This helps with organizing your personal data and using your time efficiently instead of dealing with the constant struggle of getting locked out of your accounts.


With a never ending list of things to do, the TaskPaper app available on Setapp allows you to keep track of all of those tasks in an easy and organized manner. Make plain text lists of everything important to you, easy editable anywhere. The interface is distraction-free so you can concentrate on tasks rather than complex settings.

Being a mom is hard enough, so staying organized is a real key to happiness. By using Setapp you will have access to dozens of the best apps available in order to stay organized. Setapp and its included apps couldn’t be more simple and they realing make the daunting task of organizing my home a reality.