Taking an extended trip; turning your spare room into an office or gym; or preparing to rent out your whole house to lodgers, these are only three of the reasons you might end up storing away some of your possessions in a storage facility. They’re a useful resource that everyone considers at some point, and are currently undergoing a major period of growth, as families and businesses alike downsize to save a few pounds.

The point of using a storage facility is to keep your valuable possessions secure while you can’t accommodate then in your own home. It makes sense, therefore, to follow a few easy steps to make sure they’re as safe as possible in storage where you can’t watch over them.

Store Carefully

This begins before they even get as far as the storage unit. When you’re packing, choose sturdy boxes: strong cardboard that’s not going to collapse or tear when you’re carrying it into the storage unit or deteriorate so it crumbles when you retrieve it. Even better, but more expensive are plastic crates with tight fitting lids.

Try to avoid boxes that have been used to store food as the residual odour could attract mice or rats – while storage companies take pains to keep rodents off the premises, they’re persistent and no measures are 100% effective.

Also make sure you give everything you’re putting into storage a thorough clean. Damp patches and dirt can bloom into mould when they’re sealed away for an extended period, so make sure when you’re packing things up, they’re in the best possible condition.


Talk to the storage facility about the insurance options available: even the most basic contract should have some degree of provision for disasters but it’s worth looking into additional coverage to make sure your you’re fully protected.

Make sure you shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Factor insurance into the quotes you’re getting and compare different business not just on the basic price but on the quality of their facility and how safe your items will be there. If you’re looking for self storage London byStored is one of the most recent to open. More are opening all the time so you have plenty of options to ensure you’ll have no shortage of quotes to compare.

With your possessions carefully cleaned and packed in strong boxes, and insured in case of unforeseeable disasters you rest assured that when you come back to pick them up, they’ll be in exactly the condition that you’d want.