Lucky #7

I am not big into gambling or anything, and I have no idea if the number 7 is in fact lucky, but for the sake of sanity, I have decided that it IS lucky! What am I feeling lucky about you ask? Well my 7th month of TTC of course. Yup, unfortunately month number 6 was a bust. It sucks, but life goes on.

This month my body played tricks on me more than usual. It was the worst. The nasty bitch AF showed up a day and a half late. Yes, you heard correct. This girl who runs like clockwork, got to experience the thrill and excitement of believing that I MAY be pregnant for a day and a half! I swore not to test till the day I was due, but failed the afternoon before. BIG FAT NEGATIVE! It’s so hard to look at a negative pregnancy test. But I have heard stories of late implanters, and therefore levels aren’t high enough to show up on a HPT, so I kept hope.

I even kept hope 3 HPT later. All of them telling me I wasn’t pregnant. But AF still hadn’t showed up so I let my mind wander to the “what ifs”. I thought this could be it! But of course it wasn’t. AF showed up, and I was sad. Actually, I think I took it pretty well. It was heartbreaking due to the fact that I got my hopes up this time, but I also have been feeling some new confidence with all the things I am doing to help me along.

I went to Acupuncture this past week and I was told that it could affect my cycle. I guess that explains the lateness. But I am feeling pretty good about it! My acupuncturist sounds pretty confident and I am doing a bunch of extra things to bring up my body temperature. All that along with my bad ass Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor, I think it should all work out. Not to mention my dad evoked his shillelagh. Which is an old family Irish Walking stick that he brings out when he wants something to happen really bad. Don’t worry. He doesn’t take it likely, and only will bring it out as a last resort. I think last time was for my husband to pass the bar exam, and that worked, so I know this will too!

So life moves on as usual. I will continue to do what I am doing and hope and pray for the best. I made an appointment to see my OB since I need to have my regular 6 month appointment anyway. But I will also be happy to speak with him about what is going on. I don’t think I am ready for extra measures. But I will speak to him to confirm. So lucky #7 here we come!!! Wish us luck!

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24 Responses to Lucky #7

  1. Howdy! I found you through POM and totlly love you blog. My H4L and I just started “not preventing” for baby #2 this month. Sorry that A came to visit, but that just means your special babe is not ready yet, he or she is still preparing what revenge he will seek on you during toddler years. She will show up once that plan is complete! 🙂

    • Everything happens for a reason right? I have been trying to tell myself that since my miscarriage in June. I just have to keep reminding myself. Good luck on #2! I hope it all happens very quickly for you! 🙂

  2. I just found you through SITS, but I have a soft spot for TTC’ers. I just found you, so I don’t know the whole back story, but the things I CAN tell you is that we tried nine months before the first happened for us, and the second time, the family planning (I am Catholic, learned it through Church) worked like magic. Plus, there are quite a few of us that SWEAR by cough syrup, can’t hurt right? If you haven’t tried any and want to know what I am talking about, just let me know!
    And I am following now, so I can go with you through all the fun stages!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Its nice to hear about a successful pregnancy after 9 months. 7 seems so long but I know it’s just a matter of time. I actually have taken muscinex in the past (an expectorant) lol I feel like I’ve tried just about everything at this point! (sad I know) Thanks for following too. I’m sure there is much more in store for me ahead!

  3. Come on lucky number 7!! I am so sorry that AF showed and even more sorry she was late and got your hopes up. That witch is just cruel sometimes. But it sounds like between your acupuncture, CBE, and your dad’s lucky shillelagh number 7 really may be the lucky month! *fingers crossed!*

  4. I am so sorry that AF showed…I have done that the past 3 years and 2 months..GET MY HOPE UP..when my husband tells me not to because I am even more crushed… It is hard not to get them up esp when you are late. In dec I was 10 days but not pregnant…guess it was because of stress, I don’t know. But I hope lucky 7 is your month!!! 😀 My fingers are crossed for you!!!

    • I know my DH told me not to get my hopes up either. Even this time I got mad at him for not being excited..but he was better off! 10 days late? I would’ve died! I’m so sorry. Thanks for the crossed fingers!

  5. Ugh – AF playing tricks on you – that’s just mean!!! I have heard good things about acupuncture so fingers crossed it works this next month!

  6. Mine was a day late for the ending of my 15th (January) cycle. Killed me. I was not about to have a 15 day luteal phase, especially since every few months my cycle gets one day longer. I hope this one works for you!

  7. Booo, AF sucks. Sorry about #6, but I have such a good feeling about #7. You’re doing everything right! CBE, Acu, C+B. You’re in good shape lady! I’m sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. HUGS!

    • Thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts! (and of course the hugs!) I have a good feeling too! 😉 only time will tell…I wish someone could tell me my future. This would be much easier then!

  8. Praying that this is the month! 7 is the perfect number!!!

    I wish my cycle was regular. I’ll go for months with or without. Constantly. Its so annoying. I’m excited about my gyno appt on the 31st. My first one since I was 19!

    • wow that is frustrating! I have been lucky with my regular cycle. It varied a little before actively TTC…so I didn’t really care. Now, even a slight varience drives me crazy!

  9. I’m so sorry! But I will keep you in my prayers! I am hoping that this will be your month!!!! It is bound to happen! Keep your chin up, girl!

  10. Good luck! I hope the #7 is your lucky cycle and it does the trick, along with your dad’s lucky charm! Sending you tons of babydust this month- and an extra round of luck!

  11. Sorry AF showed up! I was really hoping this was your month! I know how hard it is to see only one line, it’s truly heartbreaking. Keep the faith that your time will come. I hope this will be the month you see two lines!
    **Baby dust to you**

  12. Sorry to hear about AF showing up. We are trying as well. I am on cycle #4. Getting those negative hpt’s are seriously the worst. GL this cycle, I hope we get our BFP very soon!!!!! Sending lots of baby dust your way!

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