Every housewife entertains in some capacity. Whether it is a small dinner party to an elaborate birthday party, there are many pieces that need to come together. Everyone who is a host wants their guests to have a good time and will do everything in their power to make that happen. Below are a list of tips to help you plan the best party and be the best host.

Guest List

The first part of planning a party is to figure out who you want to come. Decide on the number you want and go from there. Decide on if it is a family party, a friend’s party, a neighborhood party, a coworker party or all of the above. Your party can be as big or little as you choose.


Just because you want to get together doesn’t necessarily mean you can spend what you want. Unless you have hit the jackpot on hold your horses online slot. Some people may be able to but in order to start planning you need to know what sort of budget you are working with. If you aren’t willing to throw money at a get together then you either need to make your guest list smaller or your party amenities like venue and decor smaller and simpler.


Based upon the two items listed previously, guest list and budget, you need to decide where you are having the gathering. Depending on the size of the party than you may not be able to host in your home. You can rent a venue or space or even do an outside affair. This coincides with your budget, if you do not have a large budget you can probably not afford to rent a space.


If you are having a formal affair you probably want to send a formal invitation in the mail. There are many businesses and printers available as good resources for such a service. If you do not have a large budget than email invites are an option. There are sites available that let you send a cute email out with an invitation to the party. These are becoming very popular.


Most parties have a theme or purpose in mind. It may be a fall dinner party, christmas dinner, milestone birthday, luau or cinco de mayo party…regardless decor is very important. There are many places decor can be purchased on any budget. You can buy nice decorations at a store like Home Goods/TJ Maxx/Marshalls or you can get budget decorations on amazon or even the dollar store. Regardless of what you need, there are many resources available.

Food and Beverages

When you decide how many people you are having and what kind of party you are having than you need to determine the appropriate food and beverage for the get together. Is it a food specific or beverage specific party? If you are having a dinner party than you may consider getting it catered so you can enjoy your guests. If it is beverage centered than you can concentrate on the drinks and only get a few appetizers.

All of these categories correspond with one another to create a perfect party for you and your guests. Go through each of them to think through what you need and want.