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I have never been the type of person to try anything “new age” or any sort of alternative forms of medicine. But being on this TTC journey has pretty much left me with my hands thrown up in the air saying to myself and everyone else….I give up! No, I don’t mean give up TTC..I mean give up the idea that I know about what I am doing, and at this point I am just winging it. At this point I am pretty much willing to give anything a try. That’s why this month I am giving the finger to more “regular ways” of TTC…and am moving on to more “alternative” methods. As you know this month I have been trying Acupuncture  but what you don’t know is that I have also been using meditation in my quest for relaxation. And my meditation of choice right now is the Circle + Bloom Fertility Program.

I learned about Circle + Bloom while reading one of my favorite blogs… Baby Making Machine . After learning about the program I was very intrigued and when they offered for me to try their audio program I jumped at the chance. Like I said, I am not one to just relax and let my mind go..I mean I don’t even relax in the bath tub…but I figured it was certainly worth a try. The theory behind the program is to get your mind and body in sync. I think they say it best on their site.. 

Taking 15 minutes for yourself each day, in the privacy of your own home, you can reduce the negative effects of stress and direct your body with your mind to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Our program demystifies the idea of implementing both stress reduction and mind + body techniques to improve fertility. We’ve done the research for you and created a powerful regimen using relaxation techniques and daily guided visualizations that track the changes happening in your body on a monthly basis. 

The program consists of 28, 15 minute audio tracks. One for each day of your cycle. (if it’s longer or shorter there are ways to work it out so don’t worry) In these 15 minutes you are left to relax and think about nothing but peaceful thoughts. I have to tell you, that it is absolutely wonderful! I even have been using the program WHILE I get my acupuncture! 

Do I believe that this will get me pregnant?? I don’t know….but what I do believe is that this program allows me 15 minutes to myself every day. 15 minutes of pure relaxation…15 minutes for my mind to just shut down (which doesn’t happen often).. and whatever it definitely puts my mind and body at ease. Other than during acupuncture I found I like to do it before bed time. It was a great program to fall asleep to. 

Circle + Bloom Fertility Program Giveaway

Now for the fun part! The Giveaway! Circle + Bloom have offered to give one lucky winner the Circle + Bloom program pre downloaded to an IPOD SHUFFLE! How great is that? Not only are you getting the Fertility Program, but you also are getting a FREE IPOD! The contest will run for 2 weeks and end on March 11th. 

You can enter by doing 1 or ALL of these things (I recommend ALL!). But keep in mind that each comment acts as an entry. So be sure to leave a comment for each one. 

  • Leave a comment telling me what you love to do in order to relax. (I’d love suggestions)
  • Publicly become an After The Alter Google Follower and leave me a comment telling me  you did so.
  • Become a fan of After The Alteron Facebook then leave me a comment saying you are.
  • Become a fan of  Circle + Bloom  on Facebook and then leave a comment saying that you are.
  • Follow @afterthealter on Twitter! Then leave a comment with your twitter name saying that you follow.
  • Tweet about this giveaway, then leave a comment with the link to the tweet: I just entered the @afterthealter giveaway for a @circlebloom fertility program on an IPOD Shuffle! Did you?
  • Follow @circlebloom and leave a comment letting me know that you are!
  • So how cool is that? A free Circle + Bloom Program AND a free Ipod Shuffle! Who wouldn’t want to win that? So I hope you enter and I hope you win! And when you do, I look forward to hearing about what you think of the program. If you want to just check it out, they offer a FREE TRIAL by clicking on the Circle + Bloom ad over there on the left side bar! Go ahead! You know you want to! And if you don’t win, and still want to try it (which I totally recommend) you can buy the program by clicking on the ad on my left side bar also! (ok, ok I admit that I make money if you buy the program through my site…whatever, that doesn’t make me a bad person) Good luck!

    The product in this review
    was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this
    review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not
    influenced by monetary or other means of compensation.

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    127 Responses to Circle & Bloom Ipod Shuffle Giveaway!

    1. Relax? What does that mean? How is it done?.. I try to relax by taking a hot bath, or listening to some nice classical music.. but I have a hard hard time turning off my brain.. so relaxing don’t work so well. I’d love getting ahold of something that helps with that!

    2. Ok…I was excited about the makeup giveaway, but I’ll gladly forgo some lip gloss for a chance to learn how to relax – bonus points if it helps with the conception process!

    3. This month I’ve started practicing HOT yoga (the room is like 90 degrees for deep stretching). I’ve also started listing to the free Circle+Bloom audio. I’m not sure if it’s working but I do feel relaxed and calm when I list to it at night and I definitely sleep much better.

    4. Finding time to relax is definitely a challenge! I try to go to yoga classes at least once a week, which I find really helpful. I find getting a massage extremely relaxing too, but only get to do that once or twice a year. Finally, lighting some candles and curling up with a good book and a glass of wine usually does the trick too!

    5. I am blocked for facebook at work, but I think I already am a fan on there. If not, I will make sure I am tonight when I get home.

    6. What do I do to relax?

      Reading, yoga, going to the gym, playing video games, shopping (retail therapy), talking/venting, guided meditation and journaling/blogging.

      A combination of these I do on a daily basis, have to keep myself sane somehow, right?

    7. Leave a comment telling me what you love to do in order to relax. (I’d love suggestions)- I like to just drive, no music, no talking, just driving… It really relaxes me.

    8. Become a fan of Circle + Bloom on Facebook and then leave a comment saying that you are.-CHECK

      Thanks! I think I did them all. 🙂

    9. I really just space on the computer – have a few funny sites bookmarked and read my FB feed. Other than that, the usual stuff… Hot shower, Desperate Housewives, a nap!

    10. I relax by reading – either books, magazines or blogs – listen to music, watch some of my favorite shows or just laying on the couch doing nothing.

    11. I relax by listening to soft male singers like John Mayer and Spencer Day. Their voices soothe me. I also like to cuddle. Nothing makes me happier!

    12. I relax by sitting by the lake and listen to the Loons call to each other.


    13. To relax: I take a bubble bath with aromatherapy OR make a cup of hot chocolate and curl up in front of a fire with a good book!
      And I’m now following your blog. Love it!

    14. during the summer I go to my local park and read during the winter months I curl up on my sofa with a cup of coffee

    15. I love to relax in the bath! That’s always a sure way for me to relax and forget about the stresses in my life. I also love to sit out on the deck in the evening and enjoy the sunset. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

    16. I am a fan of After the Altar on Facebook! (michelle m). Thanks so much! Today is my birthday so I’m crossing my fingers that this is my lucky day!

    17. In order to relax I try to get things done in a timely manner- this prevents all the stress of having to do a bunch of things all at once (that is probably one of my biggest causes of stress).

    18. I follow both you and circle & bloom on twitter, and am a facebook fan of c & b.
      I enjoy reading blogs (and sporadically contribute to my own) but my (latest) method for relaxing is cleaning and organizing our first house together!

    19. I relax best if I have had a bath, it doesn’t have to be a long one, put on soft and comfy robe/pj’s, have a glass of chocolate milk, and lie down on my bed with a soft blanket.

      • Hi Lorrie,

        I just wanted to let you know that this giveaway was from last year and is no longer running. I’m so sorry! Thank you for entering though!

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