Columbus Day Weekend In Vermont

Thanks to the generosity of my husband's boss, we were lucky enough to spend our Columbus Day Weekend up in Wyndham Vermont at his vacation home. I have never been to Vermont, and we decided it would be a great opportunity to get a long weekend away with two of our  friends. Little did we [...]

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Weekend Retreat

As you know my husband and I had a very rough summer. We hit our 1 year of marriage with the happiest news, and after that, started our 2nd year of marriage with some heartache. Needless to say that it's time to pick ourselves back up, and turn this year around. Nowhere to go but [...]

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Lazy Beach Days

Every family has their traditions, and every family hopefully has some great memories of vacation times gone by. I certainly do. As I mentioned earlier this week my family has done beach vacations for years. It's funny for those in the extended family because over the years we have come up with a "routine" when we do our [...]

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Anniversary Weekend Getaway!

This past weekend my husband and I went on a Romantic weekend getaway to Newport Rhode Island for our 1 Year Anniversary! I still can't believe we've been married a year already, but it's true, and I was very happy to take a little time out with my husband and just enjoy eachothers company. We [...]

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Love/Hate Relationship with Travel Agents

Just like everybody of my generation I love the Internet. It is extremely helpful in so many ways. There is a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips (except for mine since I am the worst Googler ever!), and it serves us instant gratification. What shouldn't the Internet be used for? Travel arrangements*! There may be [...]

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