Brexit and London’s Legal Firms

People are quick to point to financial services as London’s speciality. The city (and especially The City) are major banking hubs, with international businesses using London as a staging post for doing business in Europe. Financial services are not the only specialism bringing the world’s businesses to the UK, though. Older, and possibly more stable, [...]

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Political Party Nonsense

I will admit that I am never on top of the news that goes on in this country on a daily basis. I have no interest in turning on the TV and watching about crime, rapes, shootings and sadness. In my book..ignorance is bliss when it comes to this stuff. But for the last 2 [...]

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Pro America!

Ahhh the Fourth of July! A day that calls for BBQ's and beer for the entire country. What a wonderful day to sit back and think about how great it is to be an American. I never truly celebrated the day until I started dating my husband. His family throws a HUGE party on the [...]

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