Mr. Fix it!

I grew up in a household where if there was ever anything that needed to be fixed or put together, either my mom would do it, or for more complicated jobs, it would wait till my Grandpa came down for a visit. My parents were very lucky that he was so handy, and willing to [...]

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Duvet Cover Rant

I have always loved down comforters. I am not sure where this love began, but I can remember being young and asking my parents to buy me the most expensive down comforter out there. I loved wrapping myself in the soft down. I even got a less expensive version when I went to college. But [...]

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A Place For Everything…

"A place for everything, and everything in its place"...that's the saying right? It makes perfect sense...you use it and then you put it away. Then why can't I do it? Some women are just born cleaners. They can't help themselves. If something looks at all untidy, then they clean it. Not me...it takes a lot [...]

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Snow Day Townhouse Style!

Our house! Living in a townhouse community has its ups and its downs, but one of the major perks is knowing that when it snows someone else is in charge of plowing and shoveling us out! Snow Day Here is our house! March certainly came in like a lion this year and dumped about 8-12" [...]

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