Adulting 101: Your Furniture-Buying Guide

So last week you signed the lease for your first apartment. You moved in and realized all you really have is a mattress, a lamp, and your television. You want to make the space feel like home, but don’t really feel like spending a ton of money. You think to yourself “I mean, how long [...]

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4 Tips for Setting up Your New Home

Many people dream for years about buying their first home. There are countless Pinterest boards for hidden bungalows or refurbished urban townhomes, with tips and tricks for the DIY decorator. Unfortunately, there’s not a huge room left in the budget for mason jars and book nooks after the mortgage and realtor fees. Where do you [...]

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Our New Home: Settling In

Gotta love moving from a townhouse where other people are responsible for shoveling and plowing, to our new home only to get dumped on by 2 feet of snow! I guess I wasn’t as affected as Captain Awesome since he was the one doing all the shoveling, but it still was a huge mess here. [...]

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