How to Get Yourself and Your Kids Through the Grieving Process

No parent ever wants to have to see their kids in pain, sad, stressed, anxious, fearful, or depressed, but unfortunately, life can sometimes deal families a bad hand. As hard as you strive to provide a happy, healthy, and safe life for your loved ones, you’re bound to go through a few rough patches as [...]

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Eating Well=Feeling Well

A friend of mine made a statement a little while back, and this statement always comes back into my head when I feel guilty about eating something bad..."nothing tastes as good as thin feels". And wow...isn't that the truth!? I have a very bad stomach and had one for years. I saw doctors and a [...]

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Flu Shots

I am a big fan of medicine, and instant gratification. If I have a stuffy nose I will use Afrin. If I have a bad cold and I can't sleep I will use Nyquil. If I have a headache than I will take an you see the trend? My husband on the other hand [...]

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Let’s get physical

I have many archenemies in this world. Most of them consist of inanimate objects or scary bugs such as bees. I have come to terms with the fact that I will not get along with all things in life, but this acceptance was/is a long road. It took many years and a lot of money, [...]

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