Me Vs. Sprint: Jen- 0 Sprint- 1

I have had many a battle with phone companies. I was a Verizon subscriber for many years, but after a huge falling out, I refuse to ever have Verizon Cell phone service again. (Down With Verizon!). After I paid to leave my contract with them, I switched to T-Mobile. I LOVED T Mobile and had [...]

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Store Brand Vs. Name Brand

Most will tell you that I am a very frugal person, and some will flat out call me cheap. That's fine. I can take it and embrace it. Name brands don't normally impress me when it comes to clothing (ok sometimes they do), but when it comes to household products and groceries, I find myself [...]

By | April 15th, 2009|Finance|3 Comments

Tax Time Blues

It is that dreaded time of year yet again...Tax time. For most, it is simple. They are W2 Employees, taxes are taken out of their paychecks each month, and tax time is just paperwork in which at the end they may get a bit of a refund. This is not the case for me, and [...]

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The Importance of “Things”

With today's economy the way it is, it is important to recognize that we as Americans need to change the way we live our lives. We need to look at the things we value, and go back to the days where family was the most important and material things were just that...THINGS! "Things" - I [...]

By | March 18th, 2009|Finance|4 Comments