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When Do I Get To Wear a Golden Globes Gown?

When I was planning my wedding and shopping for bridesmaids gowns my friends would all tell me that I kept choosing "golden globe dresses". In other words I kept picking slinky dresses that only a size below zero actress would look good in. I know that they were right, and I would hate if someone put [...]

By | January 19th, 2010|About me, fashion|32 Comments

Dancing Cheek to Cheek

I have always love going out to dinner. It doesn't matter where we go..it could be Friendlys' (my favorite) or Friday's...I just like the actual ACT of going out. Sometimes, when I watch old movies or TV shows I find myself longing to be transported back in time to the days of Ricki Ricardo's Club [...]

By | January 18th, 2010|About me, marriage|26 Comments

Soundtrack of My Life

This may sound strange, but I sometimes like to think about what song would be playing at certain moments if my life had it's own soundtrack. Like in the movies when there is a really happy moment, or a really sad one, they play a certain song that seems to tie it all together. I [...]

By | January 14th, 2010|About me|25 Comments

Am I Really That Horrible of a Wife?

I will admit here and now that I really want to be a good wife. I try to be as domestic as I can, and I honestly do care about what my husband wants. Post college I finally realized what I was meant to do with my life, and that was to be a good [...]

By | January 13th, 2010|About me|27 Comments

PSA: Never Say Relax..

This is a public service announcement for anyone and everyone that comes across a woman who is TTC. I figure it is my duty to publicly make this announcement, since when conversations on this topic arise in the real world, women are forced to just smile and bare it when someone tries to offer up [...]

By | January 12th, 2010|About me, TTC|27 Comments