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PSA: Never Say Relax..

This is a public service announcement for anyone and everyone that comes across a woman who is TTC. I figure it is my duty to publicly make this announcement, since when conversations on this topic arise in the real world, women are forced to just smile and bare it when someone tries to offer up

The Blog World is Like High School

I have been loving being part of the blogging world. For those readers who only read my blog because you know me, you are truly missing out on a fascinating world. A world where people spill their guts about their thoughts, and feelings, along with their hopes and dreams. It’s a world that makes everyone feel

I Want To Live In Stars Hollow

I am a HUGE fan of the show Gilmore Girls. The only season I watched as first run episodes was the last season. The rest of the episodes I watched as reruns on  ABC Family. As a matter of fact I have seen the show in it’s entirety at least 3 times through! I was

Post Holiday Season Blues

The holiday season is a whirlwind of a time for me…especially this year. I can count 2 weekends from the beginning of November, through Christmas that I actually spent in my home. Every other weekend I was traveling somewhere. It was a fun time, and kept me busy, but sometimes I wished I could just

The Biggest Loser Family Style

We all talk about wanting to lose weight and being healthy, and each year, as January first rolls around we all decide that it’s time to bite the bullet and go on a diet. This year, to add a little support for this tough task, my family is coming together to do a little “biggest

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