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Foster A Lonely Pet For The Holidays

The holiday season always brings out the BEST Hallmark movies! This past Sunday I watched A movie called “A Dog Named Christmas”. The movie is based on a book written by Greg Kincaid of the same name. The story is about a mentally challenged young man who adopts a dog for the holiday season. Hallmark has partnered with Petfinder to

Wifey 101: No Secrets For Santa

Ok ladies, let’s be honest. We all get excited at the idea of presents from our men around Christmas time. I don’t know about you, but Captain Awesome pretty much sticks to the regular gift giving holidays to give a present, rather than giving random gifts through out the year, and therefore when the holidays come

Being In Charge of Your Fertility

Warning! Warning! This may be a TMI zone! If you have no interest in reading about women’s issues and fertility then this post is not for you! Ok…I warned you! Here goes…I am not an anal person when it comes to many aspects of my life (sometimes I wish I were), but when it comes

Taking A Break…

It’s official…Month 3 of TTC has come and gone with no success. I pretty much knew this would be the case since I was away the weekend that was supposedly “the time”, but it still hurts none the less. I decided to write this post since I have been taking you all on this journey

Becoming Neurotic

Growing up I never felt like a worrier…Maybe others would say differently, but I never thought of myself that way. As time goes on I have noticed little things that get me stressed out. Stupid things, but I can’t seem to control my brain enough to stop myself from worrying. I think I am becoming

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