We have all heard that medical marijuana can treat a wide variety of symptoms like nausea, appetite, intraocular pressure, and epileptic seizures. But have you heard of medical cannabis helping Alzheimer’s disease?

First off, what does Alzheimer’s do to the brain? In Alzheimer’s, protein pieces known as beta amyloid clump together, while another protein called tau, starts to fall apart.

Plaques and tangles start to form, blocking signals and nutrients from getting through. Cells start to die and new memories cannot form. The ability to think and plan deteriorates. It takes about ten years before someone with Alzheimer’s starts to become symptomatic.

How Does Cannabis Help Fight Alzheimer’s?

The psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, THC, helps to stimulate removal of toxic plaque formation in the brain. THC also blocks inflammation, which prevents further damage to brain cells.

Many family members of those with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s also find that marijuana has been effective in treating confusion and agitation that sometimes occurs with the onset of the disease.

How You can Treat Symptoms of Alzheimer’s at Home

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