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Six Tips for Preparing for Your Child’s Financial Future

Saving for your child’s future is one important endeavor you cannot afford to take lightly. It is imperative for you to take big steps that will help your child get a strong start. Unfortunately, many parents make the grave mistake of procrastinating when it comes to investing in their child’s future. In this article, we [...]

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Can Medical Cannabis Actually Help Alzheimer’s?

We have all heard that medical marijuana can treat a wide variety of symptoms like nausea, appetite, intraocular pressure, and epileptic seizures. But have you heard of medical cannabis helping Alzheimer’s disease? First off, what does Alzheimer’s do to the brain? In Alzheimer’s, protein pieces known as beta amyloid clump together, while another protein called [...]

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Ways to Make Money Online for Homemakers

Building a home that is welcoming and loving is a full-time job but sometimes there is time, or a need, to do more. With the invention of the internet, just because someone is at home all day does not mean that they cannot bring in some extra money. Online work can give homemakers a means [...]

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The Importance of Having an Emotional Support Dog

Research has shown that people who suffer from mental disabilities often find it hard to be productive at workplace. They also tend to spoil relationships on the professional and personal levels. Antipsychotic medicines, which are prescribed to these people have a lot of side effects. For this reason, therapists often prescribe emotional support animals (ESA) [...]

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Adulting 101: Your Furniture-Buying Guide

So last week you signed the lease for your first apartment. You moved in and realized all you really have is a mattress, a lamp, and your television. You want to make the space feel like home, but don’t really feel like spending a ton of money. You think to yourself “I mean, how long [...]

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