If your garage is feeling run down and you just don’t have the money to make the modifications you need,  then maybe it is time to think about an affordable makeover and repurpose the space. The first thing to consider is what you really want to do with the space, it’s going to be quite costly if you are looking  to make it into a recreational space, insulation is one of the most expensive areas but something that has to be looked into.

Getting Your Garage Ready:

Damp and wetness are the main enemy of the garage, you don’t want any electronics to break or for any moisture in the garage to cause rust and damp.  Insulating the walls can be made cheaper by looking at the cheaper insulation materials and of course fitting it yourself. Also, if you plan on keeping your main garage door it is essential to make sure the gap underneath is fully sealed if you’ve had it professionally installed by a roller garage door installer or something like that, then you should be fine.

Now for the fun part, choosing what to do with your garage without spending too much money.

Turn It Into A Gym:

Convert your garage into a gym, it’s a great use of of an empty garage, especially when you have the room, it’s the perfect way to encourage yourself to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle. Although initially the equipment you need will be expensive, if you add it up over time it is insignificant to the cost of a membership at the gym and it is more convenient to use.

Some essentials most people have would be an exercise bike, a work bench and some dun-bells, this should get you started and you can pick them up for cheap.

Make It Into A Snooker Room:

If you have a garage that is big enough, why not try and turn it into a snooker room or pool room? You be the envy of all your mates, to have your own man cave could be incredible. Just remember to measure the space you’ll have before you buy. If you are looking at getting a pool or snooker table, why not try Gumtree or other auction website, you may get a great deal and save some money. Don’t forget you don’t have to get a full-sized table, they do smaller sizes. Just ensure that all the work you’ve done means that there won’t be any damp getting in and ruining your newly aquired snooker table.

Create Your Own budget Home Cinema:

Do you like movies? If you are really into your films and love seeing them on the big screen, why not make your own? It can be quite easy to make sure that the garage is sealed up , that will make sure that the heat in the winter stays within, and in the summer it keeps cool. You want the right temperature because something like air conditioning is very expensive.  Get a nice sofa or some reclining chairs and invest in a big screen TV or if you prefer, get a projector.  Projectors can be very expensive, you could probrably find reletively cheap second hand ones, but with the screen and everything else, it all becomes quite expensive. You are probrably better off just using a standard TV as these come have come down in price substancially in the past few years.

At the end of the day, these little things can increase the value of your home , so if your spending money on renovating your garage, just know you are not throwing it away.